Let us be your light! Welcome to the page of inspirations!  Here you’ll find quotes, photos, and stories that have inspired us.  Please share and pass along as inspiring others will help to inspire you as well!   We hope to be an inspiration in your life as well.


What Inspired/s Chef Nick

Nick’s daily inspirations include readings from various sources he will share with you here.  The largest inspiration for Nick is seeing the inspiration he has been able to instill in others.  He helps people who are suffering with their diet and health as he was at one point and does whatever he can do to help them see the light and learn to be self sufficient in regards to the food they are consuming.  Nick is living proof that food can be your medicine and happily shares his experiences with anyone in need of the knowledge and ability to eat in a way that prevents them from being ill.

What inspired Chef Nick Quay to be a part of Chef Inspired Creations and to peruse his Culinary Career again was a few simple things.  In September 2010 just before his 30th Birthday he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, this drove Nick to want to speak out and help educate others on his past experiences while learning as much about his new disease as possible.  Chef Eric reached out to Nick and asked him to come speak at the Art Institute to a nutrition class he was teaching at the time.  The feedback and aw from the audience proved to Nick that he really could make a difference in peoples lives and that his stories and experience had great value to some.  In August of 2011 Nick was asked to come to the International Curry Festival and be a guest judge in the International Curry Competition, after thinking about for 10 seconds he said yes of course!  What an honor and great experience, after a little more thought he asked if he could compete instead and bring a couple friends since he himself has a long list of dietary restrictions and may not in fact be able to eat half of the dishes in the competition.  Before too long the group of Miami chefs was aked to not only compete but to cook at the VIP Black Tie Event as well.  They decided to push the envelope of what was expected of them and show the crowd some new things that hopefully they had not seen before.  They created dishes that blew the crowd away and even scared a few with their Jamaican Fusion Curry Alligator dish served over a sweet potato / cauliflower mash with black rice, dragonfruit coulée, yellow curry oil, and a mango tamarind green chilli chutney.

The next day Chef Nick led his team to the competition taking first place with their fusion curry dishes, all coincidentally dishes that Nick himself could eat.  There was no dairy, no beef, pork, cream, butter, tomatoes, cucumbers, sugar, and many other items that restricts his diet.  The judges and the crowds response what very inspirational to Nick, coupled with the raving still continuing from the night before he knew he had to fight his way back into the Culinary Field.