Our Philosophy

Company Philosophy

Our Story-The Red Mangrove and The Propagule

Why would we choose the Red Mangrove or the Propagule as our logo?  The Red Mangrove seed, the Rhizophora mangle, is the offspring of the Red Mangrove.  Being native to South Florida we feel that this seed is a true representation of our company values.  We feel it is important to understand the needs of our local community, and support it.  The Red Mangrove supports South Florida in many critical ways.  The strong prop roots protect the South Florida Coastline from erosion, even during hurricanes, which allow for the flora and fauna to continue their co-habitation unobstructed.  The roots system and marsh-like environment that they promote protect our reefs from seawater turbid, which is a result of runoff.  The debris that would cloud the coastal water would make the water inhospitable for our seagrass and coral reefs during heavy rains.  The debris caught in the marsh environment then becomes an ideal estuary, which feeds and protects baby fish and small sea life that supports coastal habitats.  As the seeds float to a new area, it establishes a new root system, which actually helps our coastline grow.

It was important that we made sure that our vision reflected what we felt was missing in South Florida.  We have many years of experience in the Catering Industry, and we have seen a lack of responsibility on the Food and beverage industry as a whole to make sure that everyone is properly taken care of.  There are many people that live and visit South Florida that have special eating requirements.  It isn’t fair that they will always get treated like an unimportant member of our society.  If you ask anyone with a special diet they will tell you that they are used to getting bad food and poor service.  We stand for those who have suffered great injustices by those who think that they are not equally important.  The extremely valuable and very important people that have Diabetes, Lactose Intolerance, Celiac Disease, Crone’s and Colitis, or even extreme allergies will be taken care of like the first class members of society that they are.  If you are Vegan, vegetarian, obese, or have high cholesterol we are here for you.  Of course, other people that we will cater to will experience superior food and service, however, it will not come at the cost of others.  We also value tea drinkers.  Our tea service will come before coffee service and contain a variety of teas and accompaniments including soy milk and creamer if needed.


The Red Mangrove gives to South Florida, but it has to constantly adapt to be successful.  There are not many trees that can grow in wet conditions, especially in salt water. They have to have a solid foundation with strong roots that are unique in shape, and functionality.  The roots have developed a filtration system that works like a desalination system.  The debris and microorganisms that they trap in the root web uses up almost all of the oxygen, therefore the tree grows in soil that is deficient in oxygen.  The Red Mangrove doesn’t mind, because as part of its roots arch above the water, the tree breathes through the exposed roots in specialized air ducts called lenticles.

We feel connected to the Red Mangrove Seed because we venture out into a local environment that normally isn’t hospitable to those we want to help.  We will always be pushed to adapt and enhance our performances to gratify our local society.  We will help our local community by working with children that have special dietary needs, and show them that they can eat food they will enjoy.  We work with local charities such as the Diabetes Foundation, R.O.C.K. (Raising Our Celiac Kids), and the Tourettes Syndrome Association of South Florida.  Inspired Creations Catering also provides many local speaking and cooking demonstration events to help people learn how to cook and enjoy eating with special dietary needs.  We also have a helpful video and a blog that can help people with specific questions about special diets.

So as the Propagule falls off the Red Mangrove Tree in the unwelcoming ocean, and we have opened up to cater to south Florida, we will both plant our roots into our native land and adapt strongly to support and protect it.


 Mission Statement

 To make sure that everyone in South Florida is able to enjoy their food regardless of their dietary restrictions.


Vision Statement

Our Vision is to educate our community and prepare foods that people can enjoy regardless of their dietary restrictions.


Values Statement

We value organizations that truly intend to make a difference in our society. Companies that strive for sustainability, honesty and great customer service are ones that we are proud to partner with.  We value the support of causes that educate, communicate and act on the values.  We value the desire that everyone has to enjoy the food they eat, and we intend to bring it to them.