Who We Are

Nick’s passion for food and love of cooking show through in every bite.

Nick’s favorite cuisines to eat:  Korean, Thai, Szechuan, Hong Kong Style Chinese, Peruvian, Greek, Brazilian, Argentinian, and Vegetarian

Nick’s favorite tool in the kitchen:  His butcher knife which doubles as a can opener, fillet knife, boning knife, meat tenderizer, garlic press, and box cutter

Nick describes his style as:  Eclectic, Sub Tropical, and 95% Healthy.  Nick pushes the envelope of modern cuisines

Biography of Nick Quay

Nick Quay is a Miami transplant by way of Captiva Island and Curitiba, Brazil after he left his home in the Washington, DC area at 18 years of age to explore new cultures and foods.  With strong roots in Fine Dining, International, Asian and Cajun Cuisines, the young chef was off on a culinary adventure through work experience and travel that eventually landed him in Miami.

Chef Nick graduated Magna Cum Laude from Johnson & Wales University then went on to Florida International University to study Hotel Restaurant Management all the while working full-time honing his skills. He has expanded his knowledge to many International Cuisines; with experience including working in three-chef fine dining restaurants, French brigade style kitchens in the Fontainebleau, and his own catering & event company. Chef Nick’s specialties range from Mediterranean to Asian Fusion, to Floribbean and Sub Tropical Fusion Cuisines.  After suffering from sudden dietary restrictions several years ago, Chef Nick sadly took a break from his passion until he was able to conquer his ailments.

During his hiatus, Chef Nick’s experiences of being forced to eat grilled chicken and steamed vegetables at many restaurants inspired him to transform himself and his culinary expertise to include all types of specialty needs, alternative cooking methods, and alternative ingredients.  Recently after being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, Chef Nick has taken a vow to pave the way for others and use his true passion to change others lives through education and exposure to his new found ways.  He is now a specialist in various dietary restrictions and is constantly growing and learning how to help others conquer their food woes and foes as well.

Chef Nick is breaking back into the culinary field to provide great tasting meals for everyone, ensuring that no one is left behind due to any unfortunate dietary or health restrictions through Chef Inspired Creations.


Chef Eric

Co-owner/Operator of Inspired Creations Catering, Eric Schlossberg is a native Floridian born in North Miami Beach.  He graduated with a culinary degree from Johnson and Wales University and a Hospitality degree from Florida International University.  He has worked in the kitchen and dining rooms of many South Florida restaurants, hotels, private clubs and catering companies.  He has taught Gourmet Cuisine, International Cuisine, Baking and Pastry, and Healthy Alternative Cuisine Community Classes.  He is currently a culinary instructor at The International Culinary Schools at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and The Miami Culinary Institute.  Eric specializes in Floribbean Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, and Indian Cuisine.  However, his passion is in creating healthy alternatives to consumers with restrictive diets and health concerns.  He feels that everyone deserves to eat well regardless of them having a Vegan Lifestyle, Diabetes, Lactose Intolerance, Celiac Disease, Crohne’s and Colitis,  Allergies, Kosher, or intense weight loss goals.  Currently, he is pursuing avenues to try to bring people who aren’t always able to enjoy a meal that fits their lifestyle healthy inspired creations that are appealing.

Chef Eric is always looking for the next challenge and adventure to conquer.  When the opportunity arose to join his long time friend and fellow chef in the quest of goodness and enlightenment he obliged and is now opening peoples minds through Chef Inspired Creations.


Irene is a true magician when it comes to providing an overall event experience.

Irene graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelors in Hospitality and Tourism.  She also holds an MBA from the University of Miami.  She worked as Catering Sales Manager at the Miami Beach Convention Center where she oversaw menu design and production of high volume food sales with events of 150,000+ guests.  She helped develop concession concepts, and banquets for city wide conventions such as Art Basel, the Miami Boat Show, Mercedes Benz Swimwear Show, and many more.  She worked for the Miami Heat during their championship season in 2006 in the prestigious Flagship Lounge at the American Airlines Arena. Additionally Irene worked 4 years with Sunlife Stadium and Centerplate Catering in their Food & Beverage division, and also coordinated all the transportation logistics for the Dolphins Football Team including the owner of the team, coaches, cheerleaders, sponsors, marketing department, and fans.   During this time, Irene also worked as a sales manager of meetings & events for Worldwide Transportation.  She managed transportation logistics for 14 hotels accounts.  In 2011, Irene made a commitment to create events that promoted healthy lifestyles.  She moved to Puerto Rico, which is one of the world’s greatest eco-tourism destinations.  She currently is Regional Sales Manager for RST Destination Management, and develops tours and event concepts for corporate groups.  Irene’s tours and events have been featured in Times Magazine in London, Daily Express, and Conde Nast.   It is Irene’s dedication to creating meaningful and memorable events through sustainable tourism that gives her the drive and passion in the industry.  “If I can help people live happy healthy lifestyles it’s all worth it!”

Gio’s favorite cuisines to eat:  Cuban, Colombian, Honduran, Thai, Japanese, and Argentinian

Gio’s favorite tool in the kitchen:  His trusty paella pans which he can cook anything you can imagine on

Gio describes his style as:  Delicioso, Delicioso, Delicioso!

Biography of Giovanni Fernandez

As a young business owner my experiences have been unique and full of challenges. As a student at Florida International University; I experienced cooking side by side with the best chefs in the world. My short term goal is to grow El Rey de la Paella and to build its reputation. My long term goal is to grow this business internationally and to open as many restaurants as possible.