Nosh Fest III

Nosh Fest this year was amazing!  Mozeltof to all that organized this wonderful event. I was fortunate enough to have been asked to guest judge the two cooking competitions which was an easy decision for me.  I really love these types of events and getting out there in the community getting to know different people and bring smiles to other faces.   Competitions are fun for everyone!  Fun for the audience watching, fun for the competitors, and always fun for the judge as well.   There was two competitions this year, the first led by a chef and local participants of all ages, the second led by a chef and local politicians.  What a great mix of people for a festival.  Everyone was such a pleasure to work with and the competition was very tight.  Working with politicians you can imagine how charismatic they are and how they will attempt to charm you into voting for them.  Thank goodness we had three judges or I would have been in trouble!  At the judges table while we were making our final score cards I was given many compliments and offered a range of things from dinners to money and even given an amazing massage as I was tasting one teams salmon and kashi stirfry dish!  All in good fun I could not turn down a massage ;)   Events like these are my favorite to be involved with because you meet so many people from around the community and learn quite a bit too, especially when the old timers come around.   I’m looking forward to next year already and can’t wait to catch up with some of the people I met.


Nosh Fest is the premier Jewish Food Festival in South Florida put on annually to raise money for several charities in the community. This year money was raised for: Feeding South Florida of Pembroke Park WECARE Food Pantry of Broward County Jewish Family Service of Broward County

Chef Nick

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